Halloween Party Food And Drinks For Kids. With A Side Of Slime And Shrunken Heads!

(All images via ourbestbites.com)

I loved Halloween when I was a kid. Seeing all the other costumes. Going house to house with my dad, holding my plastic pumpkin head in my little hands. And my friends and I knew we were growing up when we didn’t have our parents making mental notes of what they would take for themselves chaperone us ghosts and goblins. An even better sign we were growing up was when our parents gave us pillowcases so that I could collect more loot for my parents  we didn’t have to come home each time our little pumpkin heads would get full.

But, something we didn’t do was have Halloween parties. Thankfully, others did and I can show you some scary treats to make. I found a blog called Our Best Bites, done by two friends, Kate and Sara.

They have made it so easy for me by having a post called Easy Halloween Party Food! There are over 30 recipes for food, drink and slime. SLIME! And did I mention the shrunken heads? All the treats have a great picture and either a quick description of how to make them or a link to a separate post with the full recipe and instructions. I hope they inspire you to bring out your cauldron this Halloween. All the pictures in this post are from the Our Best Bites blog.

Mummy Dogs

Bones n’ Blood

Nutty Ghosts

Halloween Cookie Pops

Shrunken Apple Heads

Glow in the Dark Drinks


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