All Hallow’s Read – Do You Know What It Is?

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(Hi everyone. I’m reposting this because I think it’s such a great idea for the small and big kids in your life. Especially if the biggest kid is you. You deserve a Halloween treat, too!)


Do you want to be part of a new tradition? Do you love scary stories? My favourite author, Neil Gaiman, wrote a blog last year (2010) about sitting on an airplane shortly before Halloween. He was thinking about books and traditions and this is what he thought:

You know, there aren’t enough traditions that involve giving books.

That one thought lead to an idea:

I propose that, on Hallowe’en or during the week of Hallowe’en, we give each other scary books. Give children scary books they’ll like and can handle. Give adults scary books they’ll enjoy.

And All Hallow’s Read was born.

There are so many ways to do this. Buy a new book, comic or graphic novel. Buy a book from a yard sale, used book store or library. Look through your own collection of books, buy an audio or digital book or find free books on the internet.

Or rummage through your dark, scary attic…if you dare.

You could record yourself reading a book and give the recording and book to someone. Or go to the library, get some scary short stories and record them for a little friend. Maybe, you could create your own scary story. There are so many options.

If you’re not sure what age appropriate books to get, check out the recommendations section on All Hallow’s Read or search some of your favourite book sites.

I know it’s early but my gift to you is the link to the video recordings of Neil Gaiman reading The Graveyard Book. And if you prefer reading your books, here’s a list of free horror tales from Project Gutenberg.

So, how about it. Want to help make this a great tradition?



  1. I knew exactly what you were talking about when I read the title! i started last year giving books to my favorite kids for Halloween, all Halloween related of course. This year I had planned to do the same, but I can’t remember what I gave them last year….horrors if I gave them the same book. : )
    Soon I’ll be in AZ where these kids live, we’ll shop for books…and read together.
    But I love this tradition.
    (now I just have to find out what I gave my niece last year…hummm)

    a good story with that, I gave one girl a book and she liked it so much she got the sequel when she finished. now that’s a good thing.
    I haven’t read the sequel so when I get to her house, I plan on borrowing that book. hehehe.

    1. The joys of getting older. “What did I give them?”. Have fun shopping and reading the books.

      I love the story of the girl who enjoyed the book so much that she got the sequel. What book did you give her?

      1. Elliot and the Goblin King. Didn’t I send that to you via Kindle last year? She said the sequel isn’t as good. : ( But I look forward to reading it.
        I’ve decided since I now have more children to buy for, I have to keep a list of what I previously gave them. Sad I know….my old brain just doesn’t work that well anymore.

          1. That was a freaky story! And now I swear I have a spot on my ceiling….is it getting bigger?
            I’ll see if Amazon will let me share Elliot and the Goblin King….it’s a cute read.

            1. Well now I know why I didn’t send it to you….it’s one of the books that Amazon won’t let you loan. I hate that. This book was free, so silly. But it’s not free now, so I guess I can see that.
              What ticks me off is when I pay for a book and I can’t loan it to a friend. That’s just not right.
              Guess that’s why I’ve only bought 3 books for the Kindle….less than $10 total I think. If it’s not free, I really have to think hard before buying it since Kindle books are tangible and they can just take them away.
              But I do love reading on it. So light and if I drop it I don’t lose my page. Yes I’m klutzy even with my books. : )

              1. i think it has something to do with rights. For the same stupid reason I can’t download mp3s from Amazon that I can buy online elsewhere or watch shows on Hulu that already have a broadcast right here. I can understand delaying the broadcast but when you can get so much off the internet for free, why quibble with rights and time frames.

                I read a couple of days ago about a woman who lost her account and Amazon is being vague about telling her why.

                Scary stuff that they can do that and not give you a direct answer.

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