Halloween Food And Drinks For Adults

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults get to have some fun, too. Whether you’re giving out the treats,  having friends join you or you’re relaxing after trick or treating with the kids, you can still share in the Halloween spirit.

The Halloween treats you make for your witches and goblins can be fun but when you are with your friends, you want some fun food for adults such as these Madeira Mushroom Filled Halloween Won Ton Appetizers from Hungry Happenings.

(Image via hungryhappenings.com)

A favourite of many parties are cheese balls. This pumpkin-shaped cheese ball  from My Recipes uses extra-sharp white cheddar cheese and black pepper.

(Image via myrecipes.com)

Pizza is always a favourite food and Halloween allows you to be creative with shapes and toppings. Be Different Act Normal has a post of different pizzas such as these Frankenstein-inspired and jack-o-lantern pizzas.

(Images via bedifferentactnormal.com)

What do you feed your zombie friends when they come for a visit? Brains, of course! This cake from Celebrations.com is made from a red velvet cake mix and pink tinted icing. And, this recipe can be adapted to make individual party favours so your zombie friends can have a snack on the way home.

(Images via celebrations.com)

Everyone needs to quench their thirst. About.com has recipes for a variety of drinks such as these three scary concoctions.

Dracula’s Kiss

(Image via about.com)

The Halloween Hypnotist

(Image via about.com)

The Wolf Bite

(Image via about.com)

For those who won’t be drinking any alcohol, Woman Tribune has 5 non-alcoholic drinks for everyone to enjoy including this Witch’s Brew punch.

(Image via womantribune.com)

And this video from Chow.com shows you how to use dry ice with your punch.

Have fun and remember…

 (Image via graphicshunt.com)


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