Why The Hell Not!

Why The Hell Not!  are  posts  I’m going to do from time to time to remind, not only those of us with chronic illnesses, but for all of us to do something for ourselves.  Something you may not have thought of doing or something you have wanted to do for a long time. Nothing is too silly or frivolous. The time to do something for yourself is now because…why the hell not!

Make DIY NO SEW Fleece Blankets

The cooler weather is here for many of us. Sometimes all we want to do is curl up on the couch with a blanket and read or watch TV. Show some love to yourself and make your own blanket or make some as gifts this holiday season.

(Image via instructables.com)

This video and tutorial for double-sided fleece blankets is from bunnycraft at instructables.com.





  1. I’m doing a little better now that the terrible heat is over. We had a bad heatwave this summer in Chicago, I didn’t go outside for weeks.

    Here’s a question from the most un-crafty woman in the world. Do you happen to know how wide the fleece is? And do you think a bigger size blanket, like a double or queen size would work with the fleece?

    Hope you are doing good………..mo

    1. Wasn’t that heat horrible? We were lucky, we had only a few really humid days where the temperatures felt like they were 110 or 115. For the most part, there wasn’t as much humidity this summer. It was the best I’d felt since I first got sick in 2000. I was able to get out most days. The dizziness was always there, just not as bad. Unfortunately, I think it was due to the drought. Life would be so much easier if the high humidity would go away.

      As for the width of the fleece…I don’t sew. In her instructions, she says fleece comes 60 inches wide and I checked a few sites and generally it’s 58-60 inches. The fabric store could tell you if they sell any that are wider than 60 inches. I think the larger sizes would be great because fleece isn’t a heavy fabric. Making no-sew fleece blankets for babies is something I’ve heard about for years because they make nice, light blankets. And I’ve had pullovers/tops made of fleece and they weren’t bulky at all.

      Hope that helps.

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