NHBPM – Why I Write About My Health

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

I have an inner ear disorder and every day I feel dizzy to varying degrees. At different times in the day I can experience symptoms such as loss of balance, brain fog, staggering or stumbling when I walk, feeling very tired and pressure in my head. Though it rarely happens with me, on my worst days, I spend a lot of time lying down so that I don’t push things too far and experience vertigo, where it feels like the room is spinning.

I started to write about my health because I wasn’t able to get a specific diagnosis from the ENT and I needed to find out more information so that I could take a proactive approach. He told me that:

  • he knew I had balance problems due to my ears,
  • balance problems are more common than what people realize,
  • there isn’t anything else he can do for me and
  • to try and find A Quality of Life!

The last thing you want to be told when you finally find out what the illness is, is that the specialist can’t really help you or offer many ways that you can help yourself.  It was like being put in strange surroundings and told to fend for yourself. I felt so alone even though, logically, I knew others were going through the same things I was.

We naturally want to feel good and when we have to see our doctor because we are not getting better, we don’t think the illness will become chronic. It will be something where we go to the doctor’s office, we will be told what to do and be on our way back to a healthy person.

But, life doesn’t always work out like that.

So, I went online and started searching. Searching for information that may help me and searching for others who are living with a similar chronic illness. I also chose to read blogs by people who have different illnesses than me, to see how they live with a chronic illness.

But, our illness does not define us. It is not who we are or what we are. That is why you will see many posts that have nothing to do with my health. Just as we all need to be stimulated by different things in our day-to-day world, I need different things to write about so that I can learn, be distracted, vent and laugh about things. And I consider my other posts a mental health break, which is just as important as any health-related post.

The top three posts that have the most views are the various Sunday Quotes I’ve done, cats and cheesecake.

People love their quotes.

And cats …and cheesecake!

(Image via mikisscrapbook.blogspot.ca)

See, a momentary distraction for you, a few minutes distraction of wandering the web for me while looking for the picture and we’ve had a mental health break.



  1. Cats and cheesecake seem to be a wonderful pairing — and I like both.
    I agree that we aren’t defined by our illness and that blogging (and the cyberverse) can cover a range of ideas and issues.
    Congrats on taking on the blogging challenge! I’m trying a different challenge (I did some of the health one last year), but am already days behind, lol.
    I will try and read all of your blog posts this month.

  2. I bought a Halloween cat decoration at the drugstore the other day. By the end of the month I may be hugging it and eating cheesecake wondering “what was I thinking”.

    Or, maybe sooner. And talking to the cat about the posts I was thinking of writing. 😉

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