NHBPM – 3 Things That Excite Me

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

Three things that I am excited about are the changing colours of the trees, the craft supplies that I have bought this year and the books I have on my tablet waiting to be read.

(Image via windsorstar.com)

I love, love, love when the trees change colour. Fall has finally arrived and the colours are gorgeous. Because of the drought this year, there were articles in the paper saying that the colours may not be as vibrant this year. But, once we had a couple of evenings of close to freezing temperatures, the leaves started changing and some of the trees are just stunning.

I am trying different arts and crafts this year and have slowly been adding to my craft supplies. I have paints, coloured pencils, clay, molds, stencils and drawing paper. This year I have tried loom knitting, writing haikus and putting pictures on a canvas. Using air-dry clay is next. This is making me feel like a kid again. We need to remember to do fun stuff and play.

I bought myself a tablet for my birthday this year. It is much easier to hold than my laptop when I’m not feeling well and am spending a lot of the day in bed. I now have a variety of books in my library and subscriptions to a couple of magazines that I enjoy. Reading on the tablet is great as I can adjust the font so that I don’t have to wear my glasses while lying down.  Also, space is at a premium for me so to be able to read digital copies of books and magazines and not have to give away some books when I run out of space has been wonderful.



    1. I will send you pictures. I’m starting with some air dry clay for practice. I have more expensive apoxie clay for things I want to make and give away. I am figuring out what is a good thickness, how the stamps I have are working with clay, painting… and having fun while doing it.

      Clay is really cool.

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