NHBPM – Share Something I Find Funny – IT’S CATURDAY!

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

 I think someone at WEGO Health purposely picked a Saturday for us to share something funny and is hoping we make it Caturday!

(Image via lollercoasterlab.com)

(Image via best-memes.com)

(Image via ontransmigration.blogspot.ca)

(Image via q8othug.wordpress.com)

(Image via sms2all2all.blogspot.ca)

(Image via icanhascheezburger.com)



  1. I especially like the first pix! Cats do rule!
    And, I’ve made it through your november health blog right up to today! This, for me, is an acheivement! I remained focussed on the “project” with only one short distraction, and if I had a current to do list, I could check it off!
    Of course, I’m not just using your posts as re”training” my brain and level of focus. I would read them anyway!

    1. And I congratulate you on your focus. We take our victories where they are. I started cleaning the one thing I planned on doing today and after a minute (yes, as in one) I started moving stuff around that’s under my bed checking what’s in bins. Good news, I found a couple of movies that I knew I had “somewhere”. Bad news, bending, crawling and breathing in dust bunnies had me lying down for most of the afternoon. But, that’s ok. I still got stuff done and there’s always tomorrow.

  2. Think I blogged about this at some time in the past. There was a tv show and books about a young girl named Maggie Muggins and her friend, an older gentleman who lived next door.
    Each story/tv episode ended with Maggie saying something like “well, that was today. I wonder what tomorrow may bring.” (I should bing/google Maggie some day.

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