NHBPM – A Picture That Shows How I Feel About The Chronic Illness Community

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

(Image via morethanshipping.com)

Today’s prompt asks us to use a picture to inspire a post. I chose this picture because I think it represents not only that chronic illness affects everyone, but that we are there for each other.

If you read the blogs and comments by people with chronic illness, you know how important the internet is to us and how thankful we are that we are able to connect with others.  I have “met” some of the most wonderful people. They are funny, wise, kind and supportive. If we need to take a break from the internet, whether it’s self-imposed or illness-imposed, we know that there are people thinking about us and wishing us well.

Chronic illness doesn’t care what part of the world you live. Chronic illness doesn’t discriminate. Chronic illness doesn’t affect only the person with an illness. It affects the family and friends of the person with the illness. While chronic illness can change our lives – sometimes drastically –  we make adjustments so that it is not the only thing happening in our lives. We are not our chronic illness, we are someone with a chronic illness. And there are many of us who we will never meet in person, but we are there for each other during our ups and downs.

And that is what the picture represents to me – how people all over the world are there for each other.



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