Sunday Quotes – Aung San Suu Kyi

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“Human beings the world over need freedom and security that they may be able to realize their full potential.”

“The struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma is a struggle for life and dignity. It is a struggle that encompasses our political, social and economic aspirations.”

“The true measure of the justice of a system is the amount of protection it guarantees to the weakest.”

“You can never separate the political system of a country from the way you conduct your daily life.”

“The value systems of those with access to power and of those far removed from such access cannot be the same. The viewpoint of the privileged is unlike that of the underprivileged.”


One comment

  1. She is such an incredible woman full of wise words and the passion to stare down the government and the army, and the people are now able to hear her calls for peace and freedom.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of her.

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