NHBPM – The Best Doctor’s Appointment And What It Meant To Me

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

The best doctor’s appointment I ever had was when I was diagnosed with an unspecified inner ear disorder. The ENT doctor could not give me a specific diagnosis but I didn’t care.

I finally had a diagnosis from a specialist.

This meant that I legitimately had something wrong with me. My illness was no longer a mystery. While I rarely have vertigo, people understand the word dizzy and try to understand when I explain that I experience disequilibrium each day.

This meant that the people who didn’t believe me were proven wrong.

This meant that I was able to start moving on from the bitterness of people not believing me.

This meant that I could start finding some information on how to deal with the illness.

This meant that I was able to apply for disability with a specific diagnosis. I applied a few years before but lost because the doctors hadn’t discovered what was wrong with me at that point.

This meant that I was approved for disability. No one wants to reach a point where they have to live on disability but I’m very happy that such a program is in place.

This meant that my stress level went down considerably.

This meant that because I rent a room in a house and not an apartment, my rent is small enough that I can save money while still eating healthier.

This meant that I was able to get the internet.

This meant I was able to shop online for anything I could need without having to leave the house. A luxury for healthy people. A life saver for people with chronic illnesses who have a hard time shopping or needed others to always shop for them.

Ultimately, the best doctor’s appointment meant that I was able to get the ball rolling for me to apply and be approved for disability. Living on disability certainly has its challenges and is not how I thought I would be living. But, when your life changes so drastically due to a chronic illness, one doctor’s appointment can become the best one ever.



  1. People don’t realize what a struggle it is to get a proper diagnosis and treatment, let alone be thrown into a system when applying for disability and going through repeated appeals when you are not well. I can see how this would be the best appointment.

    You take care and stay safe, Edie

  2. Having a diagnosis gives you something tangible to hold on, communities to find, research to do, etc.
    I think that stress finds our weakest point, and wages battles with it.
    It’s good to have your health issues validated, and I’m glad you were able to get a disability pension, etc. and the stress level has gone down.

    1. I found a lot of times, like so many others with chronic illness, that I tried to put on a “normal” face as a way of self-preservation. Stress is an invisible force that can cause so much harm. And we sometimes don’t realize it until we reach a breaking point because it’s such a constant part of our lives.

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