NHBPM – What Is In My Closet

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

My closet is filled with casual clothes.The clothes I have now are, for the most part, summer clothes that I wear year round.

I have lots of tank tops, some with spaghetti straps. I have found the spaghetti strap tops to be my best clothes friend when I would have a hot flash. Nothing like being dizzy and then getting a hot flash. I always feel the heat on my upper back and upper chest and with my other tops, it would feel like the heat was trapped. Not a good feeling.

I have some shorts and a couple of denim skirts that I wear all year round. I also have a couple of summer dresses that I sometimes wear.

I don’t work anymore so I donated most of my work clothes. I kept a couple of items from my working days should I need to dress up, a couple of tops and a couple of pairs of pants.

Because I do live where we get to enjoy all four seasons, I also have a couple of pairs of jeans, a hoodie and a few sweaters.

That’s pretty much my closet. Casual, easy to take care of clothes that also help keep me cool.



  1. My small closet is empty. My clothes are either on the floor, draped over a chair, in the wash, or on my body. It’s a time saver – I never need to iron -. In the closet they’d get smuched.

    1. I have a raised bed with storage bins underneath it. And, truth be told, most of my clothes are on one of the bins with a few of the tops hanging from a hook on the wall. That’s my closet.

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