NHBPM – “If I Had Unlimited Funds And Spoons…”

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

One of the things that most people think (or daydream) about is having more time and money. We all have the same amount of hours in a day so I don’t need more time. What I want is money and spoons.

For those who don’t know what people with chronic illnesses are talking about when we say we want more spoons or we call ourselves spoonies, check out this link about The Spoon Theory. It’s a great explanation on  how spoonies have to make choices each day when we are affected by our illnesses. Do you do a load of laundry or do you wash the growing amount of dirty dishes that you haven’t had the energy to wash the last few days? Do you do more chores today, knowing that you will be in bed for the next few days recovering? These are the types of questions spoonies ask each day.

Having unlimited money would ease so many problems. I have had similar discussions with a friend who lives with chronic illnesses about what we would do if we had more money than what we would ever need.

We want to be healed, feel normal and healthy, and be able to have options and choose what we want to do!

I’m sure that comes as no surprise to those of us with chronic illnesses. My friend and I have talked about what we would do. Here are some of my plans.

First things first. Get a team together so that my immediate financial and legal matters are taken care.

Next comes a home base. I would rent an apartment or condo so that I have a temporary home while I look for a permanent home. I would love to have a house with a back yard where I can bbq and relax. Maybe even have my own watering hole.

(Image via artscapesonline.com)

Next, I want to visit specialists to see if they can figure out what is wrong with my ears. I realize that, ultimately, the doctors my not be able to help me. But, I have to try to get all the help I can so that I have a better quality of life.

I’d give money for inner ear research in the hope that more people would get help and not suffer from uncertainty. I’d also donate to organizations that help people with inner ear disorders and other chronic illnesses.

I’d set it up so that children don’t go to school hungry, have all the school supplies they need, have clothes and get the extra attention they may need to succeed from tutors and mentors. I would also have the kids participate in after school activities where everything they need is provided in the hope that the children will grow up to be more well-rounded adults who didn’t miss out on things because their parents couldn’t afford it when the children were younger.

Whether the doctors can help me or not, I still want to do things and I have the money to do it.

I want to travel to so many places. Pick a continent and there will be places I want to travel. I may even try to go to Antarctica. By boat (hopefully it doesn’t affect my ears) and by train. I don’t think the changing air pressure in an airplane would be a way for me to travel as changing weather sends me to bed some days.

I want to keep learning. I think I would start by learning a new language. And I could practice it by living  someplace  where the language is spoken. Even buying a home there so that I can escape winter. I may need a home to escape the humidity of summer, too.

(Image via torontosun.com)

I would play some more. If society was set up so that everyone was paid the same amount no matter what job you did, I would work in a craft store like Michaels where there is a seemingly endless variety of crafts to learn and do. But, if I had unlimited funds…the fun would start. I would have a craft room in all my homes. With some design help from Martha Stewart.

(Image via studio11charms.blogspot.ca)

And a library in my homes. Most of the books and magazines I now buy I read on my tablet. I don’t have the room for books but if I could…

(Image via beautiful-libraries.com)

I’d buy a car and a truck. Then I would hire drivers so that I could go somewhere on a whim. I love going for a drive and look at the scenery.

(Image via editorial.autos.msn.com)

And a personal chef, maid, an exercise trainer and a pool boy in all the homes. When you have unlimited amounts of money, who doesn’t have a pool boy. One must do one’s part to help the economy and keep people employed.

(Image via dearjackiecollins.blogspot.ca)



  1. It occurred to me while reading your post that I put off a lot of little things I can actually do waiting to feel better and moaning about all the things I can’t afford – stopping myself from what I can do because it seems too small or inconsequential. Good post.
    Think I’ll go to your watering hole in my mind (it can’t tell the difference) and slooooooowing clean up the table to do some crafts, and listen to French radio on the net to absorb the cadence even if I can’t understand it.
    Thanks for the inspiration to get off my duff.

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