NHBPM – “If I could go anywhere…”

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

“If I could go anywhere…”

The short answer is everywhere but these pictures are a good starting point.

(Prince Edward Island, image via caen.canada.travel)

(New York City, image via usapics.net)

(Los Angeles, image via bigskyline.com)

(Marrakech Souk, Morocoo image via johnnyjet.com)

(Kenya image via valetourism.net)

(Cairo, image via urdu-mag.com)

(Yangtze River, image via yangtzerivervacation.com)

(Swami Narayan Temple, New Delhi, image via indiashotels.com)

 (Saint Basil’s Cathedal, Red Square, Moscow, image via wikimedia.org)

(Sydney, Austrailia on New Year’s Eve, image via bulawayo24.com)

(Bora Bora, image via orangesmile.com)

(Venice, image via onedreamtravel.com)

(Barcelona, image via tourist-destinations.com)

(Irish countryside, image via wallsdl.com)

(Ipiranga palace gardens, Sao Paulo, image via goingtobrasil.com)

(Easter Island, image via peru-explorer.com)

(Antarctica, image via adventurecollection.com)


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