Ugly And Tacky Christmas Sweaters

(Image via

It’s almost December and it’s time for a wonderful holiday tradition.

Ugly and tacky Christmas sweaters. has a fine collection of pictures such as the one above with the carrot sticks for nipples. It was on but, you’re too late, someone paid $145.00 and the sweater has been sold. has a slideshow of ugly Christmas sweaters with cats on them. You would think that cats on a sweater would be adorable and some of them actually are. If I wanted a sweater with a cat on them, there’s a couple I would buy. But, not these two.

(Image via

You can always tell by their expressions when cats aren’t happy.

(Image via

It is a very secure man who will wear this already ugly sweater vest with a reindeer hanging on the front.

(Image via

The Ebay seller made this sweater herself for ugly sweater contests. And, she says it’s been “shake tested” for the person who wants to dance while wearing condoms, beer caps and Christmas pom-poms on her boobs.

(Image via

There are stores that exist to sell ugly, tacky Christmas sweaters. And, not just for humans either. Let’s not forget, your beloved dogs can have their own sweater. This is from

(Image via offers this sweater of a scary fox holding a lamb. I’m sure it’s great for making up stories for the little tykes.

(Image via

And, if sweaters aren’t for you, you can accessorize with headbands and sunglasses such as these from Happy shopping.



  1. My ultimate compliment – I wish this were my post!

    $145 for the first sweater! What a steal. I would have paid $245.
    I would pair that first sweater with the green tree-hat and the last pair of glasses. Hats and glasses complete an outfit. And since I live in California I’d wear a string bikini bottom to bring the whole outfit together. No flip flops though they hurt my toes, maybe combat boots …
    Always Chic to the max.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. You could do your own, there are sooooo many sweaters to choose from, and your post would be wonderful.

    I’m liking the last pair of sunglasses, too. They give me an Elton John vibe.

    And the combat boots. You could accessorize them with feathers and lights to match the sweater. Chic indeed.

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