NHBPM – How Do I Deal With The Meanies Of The Internet

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

Like I said in and earlier NHBPM post about negative feedback, I’ve been really lucky. The people I’ve met are wonderful and supportive of one another. However, there have been a couple of comments that I didn’t like.

The first was a negative comment about the post Meniere’s Disease Vs. A 17 Year Old – Who Is Winning?  Someone commented about the young man, Samir Malhotra. It was a juvenile, mean-spirited, jealous and angry response as the commenter tried to discredit, without any proof, the work that Samir is doing. I did not approve the message but put it in a folder if he/she left another comment. There was no other comment.

The other time, I had a video, recipe and instructions for a sugar cookie made into Unicorn Poop Cookies from someone I used to follow on YouTube. According to her, posting the recipe and instructions was a copyright violation. Sugar cookies are a rare thing in the recipe world, I guess. So, I took them off the post, went to the site where she found a recipe and linked to those instructions. I have no time for bullies, especially when you take someone’s idea, use a common cookie recipe and then pretend there is something special about your own recipe.

Of course, there’s always spam. I have to mention spam. WordPress takes care of them and puts them together for my reading enjoyment. Because, what else is spam for, if not for my enjoyment?

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