NHBPM – Why Am I Awesome

Welcome. This post is part of the WEGO Health National Health Blog Post Month (NHBPM) challenge for November, 2012.

(Image via kellynaturally.com)

This is it! The final prompt for NHBPM 2012. There was a good mix of prompts. I liked that there was a choice of 2 prompts for each day. And, there was an additional 15 prompts to choose from if you didn’t like the 2 options for a particular day. While many were obviously health-related, some were fun and a few were thought-provoking.

For the last prompt, we are asked to write about why we are awesome.  I chose to take the word “awesome” and make it an acronym because we are awesome in so many ways. But, life gets in the way, we forget and sometimes we need a reminder.

Many times we are not used to talking about ourselves in such a positive manner. We will praise our friends and encourage them to do it themselves but we don’t always practice what we preach. So, I went to the internet and found acronym generator sites and sites with lists of adjectives and I picked different words that appealed to me. Another day may find me using different words.

I highly suggest doing this, especially on days when you’re not feeling that great and you need a quick pick-me-up. It has been a great exercise to remember why I am awesome!


A – Adaptable

W – Worthy

E – Eclectic

S – Strong

O – Optimistic

M – Mellow

E – Excitable

4 Replies to “NHBPM – Why Am I Awesome”

  1. You IS awesome!
    ps. THANKS for sharing HOW you did it. I will share that with my clients. I frequently have them write lists of strengths etc. and having an electronic approach is fun and different.


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