Last Minute Stocking Stuffers And Christmas Gifts

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Well, shit! The apocalypse didn’t happen which means Christmas will still happen in a couple of days. Do you have all your shopping done? There have been years that I’ve shopped on Christmas Eve and there have been years that I was done the first week of December and then calmly walked around the mall on Christmas Eve to see if I could find a great deal for myself. However, if you are still looking for some ideas for small gifts, here’s a few links to help you out.

Organizing Homelife has a list of over 125 cheap stocking stuffers ideas.

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Have some time to make some quick homemade gifts? Texas Cottage has 10 gifts in a jar that you can do. Or, maybe someone loves your cookies. Put the dry ingredients in a jar, add the recipe on a tag, pretty it up with a ribbon and you have another gift.

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Everyone needs some TLC. Not the network. Tender, loving care. I was involved in a secret Santa gift exchange this year and I included some bath salts. I used this recipe from Canadian Living and made two jars. It’s super easy as the ingredients are equal parts epsom and course salts. (To make it even easier, just use epsom salt.) One jar of bath salts had lavender pure essential oil added to the salts and one bottle had no oil added in case they didn’t like that scent. 2 jars and I was done in less than 5 minutes. A lot of recipes I looked at also included the option of food colouring so that the salts have a nice tint. I didn’t out of personal preference. Some sites thought it was a great idea, others didn’t like adding food colour because of the chemical aspect or because some people add too much and the user ends up with colour on their skin.

Hope you have found some quick and easy ideas to help ease some of the stress of the holiday season.


  1. “Well, shit” is right on! Now I’ve gotta get presents too.
    The bath salt recipe is downloaded and printed – I have EVERY ONE of the ingredients, including the “optionals”. Now I’ve got to find a bath tub to include in the package. Well shit . . .

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