Sunday Quotes – Life Lessons




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  1. Morticia on the 1960s TV version of the Addams family was a Canadian! I forget which part of the country Yvonne De Carlo was from. My father had a book of Charles Addams cartoons upon which the show and movies are based. I used to spend hours looking at them, most likely when I was too young to really be doing so.
    Thanks for sharing the quotes! I hope you continue your Sunday quotes if you can.

    1. I did not know she was Canadian.That must have been an interesting book. I think I’ve seen a book of some of his other work but it was loaned to a friend of mine so I didn’t get that great of a chance to really get into it.

  2. “Forgive, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”.

    Indeed, let go the anger deep inside our heart, as it only burn ourself, while others still living great, so why suffer ourself with the hatred & anger?

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