Chronic Illness And Disability Links

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When you have a disability or are living with a chronic illness, you know there are many myths and preconceptions that people believe. Disability Sanctuary has listed myths and facts to help everyone be informed and break some stereotypes.

It’s the middle of winter and depression and seasonal affective disorder hits so many of us. Jenny Lawson a.k.a. The Bloggess wrote about different ways to help yourself and reminds you to not be ashamed that you have depression or ask for help. It’s as legitimate an illness as any physical illness you would see a doctor for advice and treatment.

People need wheelchairs for different reasons. Stop questioning them! Just because they don’t look like they need a wheelchair or they are sometimes able to walk, doesn’t mean they don’t need one.  (P.S.  Don’t read the comments.)

Many people with disabilities and chronic illness have caregivers. If you are a caregiver or know someone who is, the web site may help.

And this video has nothing to do with disability or chronic illness but each time I watch it, it makes me smile. Kia the Jack Russell terrier is looking for a tennis ball and seems to be enjoying the snow way more than most humans this winter.



  1. Thanks for the links and the smile. This year there actually is winter here! Cold, snow, etc. Warming up (we’ve been around 20 degrees below normal) in time for it to colden up again. Most of the US has been affected by winter or unusual weather this year. The flip side to global warming — warmer summers, colder winters.

    1. We’ve had the cold, now it’s warming up (I’ve cracked my window open) but something is happening somewhere because people have to check with the airlines to make sure everything is OK. And we’re getting “heavy” snow in the next few days. Flip-flop…flip-flop.

      Spring! Where are you?

      1. I suspect spring is somewhere warm, exclusive, exotic, and far, far, away. A Sandals resort perhaps? (They’re giving 65% discounts right now, lol)

          1. We had 11+ inches of snow (on top of what was left from the last storm) today, but temps were above freezing!. More snow tonight, then freezing again, then maybe above freezing. 50 inches of snow this winter and counting. Love your countdown to spring! Ah, to say “spring has sprung, the grass has riz. I wonders where the birdies iz?”

            1. We got “luckish” this time. The storm stayed east of us for the most part so we didn’t get as much snow. But it fell overnight and throughout the day and affected traffic this morning. Lots of accidents.

              And I’m really looking forward to when the countdown actually starts counting down the number of days to spring. Won’t come soon enough.

              1. We’ve really had winter this year. Snow is too deep for the snow drops! Been seeing them as early as Dec./Jan. and some years, the other spring bulbs are up by Feb.
                Snowing again today (3 inches?) and maybe again on Monday and Wednesday. No where left to put it!
                Hope your countdown starts soon as goes quickly!

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