Random Acts Of Kindness Week – February 10 – 16, 2014


Life is rough sometimes and difficulties do not discriminate. Let’s show an extra bit of kindness this week and keep it going throughout the year. For more ideas on how we can be kind to one another, check out The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.



  1. As usual, came rather late to this, so missed most of the week. But, I’ve always tried to be doing “random acts” (hopefully of kindness, lol), “paying it forward,” or as I was taught, “the right and good thing to do.” So, I set goals like # of people to smile at, engage in conversation, give a hand to, drop whatever change I can afford into the street musician’s case, help with food drives, and pass along stuff from the kind of inspirational, funny, informative, and just plain good posts you pull together. Thanks for your random acts of kindness.

    1. It’s still going on this week but it’s one of those things that we can always do. Sometimes it is the smallest of things, like smiling at someone, that makes a difference.

      1. That’s what I think too. I believe we all have a purpose to fulfill, and it could be something as grand as civil rights, world peace or as small as a smile and a hello.

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