Why The Hell Not!

Why The Hell Not!  are  posts  I’m going to do from time to time to remind, not only those of us with chronic illnesses, but for all of us to do something for ourselves.  Something you may not have thought of doing or something you have wanted to do for a long time. Nothing is too silly or frivolous. The time to do something for yourself is now because…why the hell not!


The weekend is here, the polar vortex may have made another appearance (really, go home p.v.) and you don’t want to do or think too much. What to do to pass the time. Classic arcade games. You can find a variety of sites such as this one. It’s now a little past 1 am and I just finished playing another game instead of going to bed.

What started this late night game playing trip down memory lane was finding a link to the Doctor Pacman game by maxtervamp on deviantART.

You’re welcome.

Just try and play only one game.

I double dare you.



  1. I was never good at arcade games; virtual or real. My nephew beat me 1000 to nothing in space invaders during a baby sitting session. I tried to play Pong during my 25th birthday party at a local bar — kept losing!
    WTHN is a wonderful idea, and yeah, WTHN!

    1. I never had a game system at home (still don’t). The games I played were usually at a lounge by my place. A friend and I would sometimes go there after work and that’s where I discovered Pacman and Pong. The memories. We were around 19, at our first “adult” job and would have “adult” drinks while playing these games. It was a lounge that was in the lower level of a Chinese restaurant with big, comfy chairs. Sometimes it was just us and the bartender (the lounge was more for people waiting for their tables to go have a drink) so we would have fun and giggle and vent after work.

      1. Sounds like fun and great memories. I remember my first “adult” job and going for “adult” drinks with co-wokers. I was used to taverns, not bars! (I didn’t wait til I was an “adult” to go drinking in taverns, lol)

          1. The funny thing was that I looked older until I actually reached “adult,” then people thought I was younger than I was. I wasn’t “carded” until I was old enough to have non-fake/borrowed ID. lol.
            Best one was the time I dropped my real ID in a tavern, and they called to say they had it. My mother went in to pick it up as I was still under age! But, my parents already knew where I went on the weekends, so it wasn’t a shock to her system.

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