Sunday Quotes – Attitude






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  1. ok, I know I’m a bit slow because I often read your blog from my email or from my WP reader…but it looks different! It has ATTITUDE! You go girl!

    1. Thanks. I changed it not too long ago. Wanted a change and something with a clean look. Can’t remember the name of the other theme but it was purple and pink and when you scrolled down it had some houses.

      1. Really….I missed the house theme all together. Bad Wendy! I really have been reading and commenting mostly just from the WP reader. That way I can do a bunch of blogs at one time, I get so behind. You know how I am. Limit my time on line each day, so either write, or read and comment. can’t do both. ummm. pink…houses…doesn’t sound like your kind of theme…too perky. Unless of course it had glitter!!!

        1. The theme is called strange little town. It shows mostly pink with a bit of purple at the top. I probably changed it to more purple when we could change background colours for free. The houses are down at the bottom and… think tim burton and nightmare before christmas kind of vibe There were also stars at the top because it’s sunset when the skies are purple and pink so definitely not perky but bonus glitter with the stars. ;).

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