Take A Break From The News

I think we need a break from the news again.

The artists known as Hari & Deepti create dioramas from stiff watercolour paper, place them in a shadow box and illuminate them with LED lights to create fairy tales that come to life.


Funny sidewalk bar signs.



A pharmacy sells “monster spray” for a child afraid of the dark.



A Dreamworks animator uses his skills to turn his son into an action star and creates a YouTube channel called Action Movie Kid.



Two ingredient recipes! Mostly treats and desserts but there are a few dinner recipes and a recipe for dog treats.


Did you know that the 5 second rule of dropped food has “actual, real, scientific evidence to back up this long-held, but much-derided claim”. Get that food off the floor and eat it!



Did you know there is a live feed of Earth from the International Space Station? I’ve been watching it off and on during the last couple of days and find it mesmerizing. Click on the image to see a magnified image.


iss dawn over africa

My screenshot of dawn over Africa from the ISS






    1. Glad you like it. Thought you might be interested in the doggie treat recipe. I’m going to have to try the oatmeal cookies as well. There is always quick oats and bananas around here.

  1. I already do the banana ice cream…I add peanut butter sometimes, other times I add cocoa, and nuts, or berries…it’s great. no cream, no sugar…and it’s a wonderful sweet treat. only thing bad for me is it’s too cold sometimes and it makes me cough…asthma doesn’t like too cold food.

    the banana flax crackers…interesting! the oatmeal cookies…ummm. I’ll have to look over more. I love to just have Greek yogurt and berries blended, or bananas…I don’t need sweetener. but sometimes I’ll add a little maple syrup….best for fructose malabsorption.

    I love the diorama! Beautiful can’t imagine the patience it took! But if you love doing it, it probably doesn’t seem like it’s something that takes patience huh?

    1. We always have bananas but we eat them pretty quickly. I’ll have to save a couple of them but someone who shall remain nameless keeps eating them.

      And what is this “patience” you speak of?

      1. something I do not have….I really do not know why I know the meaning of the word….maybe I should look it up again. or was it a person I once knew? Patience? hmmmm…..yeah…I forget.

  2. Some really interesting stuff! I didn’t know about the live feed from the space station — that’s really neat. And from the comments — I love banana ice cream. There was a fellow in Halifax who made and sold banana ice cream. He put the frozen banana into this machine, and it came out like soft serve, so you could have it as a cone, or in a cup, or a sundae. He came over for dinner one night, and, of course, he made the desert!

      1. now I’m going to have to check out this live space feed thing…oh wait that sounded like I was feeding space or space was feeding the life off of us…or some sci-fi thing…or is it just my warped mind today? I could really tell you guys some warped stuff from today that would make you laugh…maybe later….will have to share the live feed…*giggle* with Stuart. the geek in him will like it! hey, he’s my geek! The geek shall inherit…oh never mind….Geeks are Cool.
        now what started all of this?

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