Sunday Quotes – Helping Others








  1. Love your focus for today. It’s a bit long but I read this Baha’i quote at least once a week to remind myself to keep the humane in my being a human.

    “Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity.
    Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbor, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face.
    Be a treasure to the poor, an admonisher to the rich, an answerer of the cry of the needy, a preserver of the sanctity of thy pledge.
    Be fair in thy judgment, and guarded in thy speech.
    Be unjust to no man, and show all meekness to all men.
    Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression.
    Let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts.
    Be a home for the stranger, a balm to the suffering, a tower of strength for the fugitive.
    Be eyes to the blind, and a guiding light unto the feet of the erring.
    Be an ornament to the countenance of truth, a crown to the brow of fidelity, a pillar of the temple of righteousness, a breath of life to the body of mankind, an ensign of the hosts of justice, a luminary above the horizon of virtue, a dew to the soil of the human heart, an ark on the ocean of knowledge, a sun in the heaven of bounty, a gem on the diadem of wisdom, a shining light in the firmament of thy generation, a fruit upon the tree of humility.”


    1. That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your quote. I didn’t find it long at all. There is so much wisdom in those words.

      I went to a public elementary school and the Our Father prayer was said right after the national anthem. I think we would have been much better served as very young children to have learned these words, or something similar, and to make the focus on treating each other with love and kindness and respect.

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