Breathe In… Breathe Out… It’s The Weekend

The sad, shitty week is almost over and I think we all need to decompress a bit this weekend.

First up is Put You In A Better Mood, a site that is filled with images of animals such as the one above that you could spend a couple of minutes or whatever amount of time you need  looking at

I could never get into writing when I was a kid but a lot of you did. And some adults have shared their writings by standing in front of a microphone and reading them to an audience. You can listen to the podcasts of these performances at Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.  They are nostalgic reminders of how funny and serious we could be.

The following optical illusion video shows how each ball is actually moving in a straight line.





A robot has been hitchhiking across Canada in an experiment to see if robots can trust humans. Yes. A Robot. Hitchhiking. And this is its website where you can read its adventures.

And if you love animal cams, has recordings of various animals such as cats, dogs, farm animals, and wild and zoo animals. The current live cam is the sloth webcam from Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia.


Remember. Breathe in… breathe out…



  1. Ha, I read your post in my email, not having time to comment most of the time, I had to say, for the title I thought….Hey, she’s writing about mindfulness…Beathing…focus on the Breath. I think so much about it now I see it everywhere, even when it isn’t there. hahaha\

    oh and I like the hitchhiking robot! Perhaps he’s very mindful. ha

    1. Well, sure there’s the spirit of mindfulness and tuning things out for a while. We must focus and take care of ourselves in different ways.

      As for the robot, only in Canada do we send a robot hitchhiking. For SCIENCE!

  2. There is a man who travels around the world weighing a tiny gnome. Why? Miniscule changes in weight happen in relation to gravity. What a neat job!

    1. Oh, I wrote that wrong! Meant that traveling with this cute little gnome would be interesting and the weigh ins help with understanding gravity and it’s shifts in different parts of the world.

        1. Yes, I think the travel, even if you are really only there to weigh the gnome, would be amazing. Perhaps if the current weigher retires, perhaps I could apply!

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