Thought of the Day – Don’t Use a Scale to Measure Your Beauty



  1. That note is right!! I’ve lost weight recently, and I’m still not in the overweight range….sounds weird huh? But you know what? I’m HOT! I’m about 45 lbs from my “before sick” weight, and I don’t care. My blood work is better than it has EVER been. We should lose weight to be healthier not because of some preconceived notion of what number should be on the scale. According to someone, I’m still obese. Yeah right!

    Recently I wrote this on Facebook at the end of a post “I must have a much better self image, before I would have still been looking and thinking….look at that flabby arm, look at that cellulite…just tearing myself….nope, I’m happy with me. I’ve been through hell and come out the other side. (I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned!)
    Now I think…..
    I’m HOT! I love me and I love the world baby!! Let’s live this life!”

    Let’s do it! The number doesn’t matter! I look damn good!

    1. I think, for women, for so long it was love others, take care of others, do for others… while making yourself look good and making a good impression for the outside world. Image was EVERYTHING. Every once in a while I see ads from the 50s and just shudder. Partly from laughter and partly from what was expected.

      How awesome is the blood work results! Losing weight in a healthy manner can only result in a healthier you. No weird cabbage diets or 3 hours a day exercising. Some of the unhealthiest people are those who are at a desirable weight.

      “I’m HOT! I love me and I love the world baby!! Let’s live this life!” should be everyone’s attitude!

      And t-shirts. Wear it loud and proud!

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