Sunday Quotes – Feminism









  1. Love Rebecca West’s comment. What a great message that sends. The line “differentiate me from a doormat.” is wonderful.
    Amazing that feminism still isn’t understood. You think breakthroughs are made; that people understand the principle of “equal pay for work of equal value.” Sigh.

    1. I’m sighing with you. You would think that people understand the “equal” part of things but, for some, it is still something they don’t want to acknowledge or just plain want.So much work and energy trying to keep things as they are instead of trying to make things better.

      1. ERA (Equal Rights for Women forget what the A is about0 has never, as far as I know, passed the house, senate, or president. Least not in the form that was intended! Women still make less that men, etc.
        There is a growing movement to get better wages and benefits for people who work in fast food places like McDonalds, and Burger King. These establishments throw away enough merchandise to pay a higher wage.
        There is the $11. dollar suggestions, but the more “radical thinkers” want what a living wage would be: $17.60 with medical benefits available — not free, just the opportunity to get it. Now small delis and sandwich shops are saying they will have to lay people off, McDonald’s will use it’s McSlimey Lawyers. Threats of firing, no references, etc. to try and keep the workers as indentured servants at best, but slavery comes to mind — one of the differences being that these slaves are paid (inadequately) for their work.
        This is one of topics that burns my a**!

        1. People here started with trying to get the idea of a guaranteed income out in the public again. Hopefully it will take off this time. But, yes, the small business owners all complain about how raising the hourly wage will force them to lay off, etc.

          One of the first things I learned in an accounting class is that there are so many other things that eat away at a profit before payroll costs The teacher showed that rent/mortgage, utilities, etc are usually what affects the bottom line. But, it does make for a good sound bite on the new that you’ve laid off employees.

          It will sound cruel to some but if letting go of one or two workers is what you think you need to do, you really have to go back and look at your business model, what you’re paying now for the “basics” of running a business and what you have to do to increase business.

          1. And look at what news item came out late this afternoon. They’ve changed the amount from 20,000 to 18,000 but it’s all the same talk about how this would benefit the people earning low wages and people on welfare/disability. Plus the economy. There starting to highlight how that would be helped as well. Fingers crossed that once they start talking about the economy improving, this idea would be taken more seriously.

            Imagine that. Giving people a “liveable wage” and see how things can start to improve.


          2. Unfortunately, so right. Corporations here used the Great Recession to freeze hiring, while still paying inept ceos bonuses.
            And these “necessary layoffs” are almost the poorest paid. To really save $ as you point out = poor business practices!
            Great points.

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