What Happens When You Make a Small Change?

I watched this TED talk by Daniele Quercia. His talk is about map apps and how they are designed to get you from A to B by using the shortest way. But, what do we miss when we do that? When we save a minute or two?

Quercia talks about the cult of efficiency, riding his bike to work and taking the same route each day. Until one day he makes a detour and discovered what he had been missing on his rides to work.

This video, while it talks about his plans for map apps, is a reminder that a small change does wonders for the soul and opens us up to new possibilities and experiences.



  1. Do the unexpected, the unusual in an everyday sense. You are so right, small changes do make a difference. It’s like noticing the “small” things in the world around you that make you smile or make you think.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. of course I can’t hear a video…but this reminds me how my father used to always take a different route home than how he went to a place whenever we went on a trip. It didn’t matter if it took a lot longer to get home. It would often drive us all crazy. It would have been nice if he would have been the type to stop and enjoy the scenery, but no, he wouldn’t stop for much of anything. and he often got lost. But he took a different route. haha.

    Now I do believe, as phylor said…it is the small things that make the difference, and we should notice the small things. Take time in your life to really appreciate you life, and everything in it.

    I am more of one who follows my GPS, I hate to get lost. haha
    But sometimes I will take the road less followed….then turn on my GPS to get home. hehe

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