T.G.I.F. Thank God I’m Fabulous!

 Inc.com had an article at the beginning of 2015 that lists 57 ways to make 2015 fabulous. I know we are all fabulous but there are times we get too busy or too tired and we forget how wonderful and extraordinary we are! Here’s a few things to help remind us of what we can do to make 2015 (and beyond) fabulous.

  • Start each day with expectation. Make your first thought on rising: “something wonderful will happen today.”
  • Assume good intentions. Imputing evil motives adds extra misery to life, while assuming good intentions leaves you open to reconciliation.
  • Avoid negative news. When a news story makes you angry or upset, unless it’s 100% relevant to your life change the channel or click to another page.
  • Be more understanding. Put aside your preconceptions and really listen to what other people say. This creates clarity.
  • Beautify your work area. As far as possible, make your work environment a place where you feel comfortable and positive.


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