T.G.I.F. Thank God I’m Fabulous!

 Inc.com had an article at the beginning of 2015 that lists 57 ways to make 2015 fabulous. I know we are all fabulous but there are times we get too busy or too tired and we forget how wonderful and extraordinary we are! Here’s a few things to help remind us of what we can do to make 2015 (and beyond) fabulous.


  • Realign your plans regularly. You’ll make better decisions if you know how the actions you’re taking will help you achieve your long-term plans and goals.
  • Rebalance your workload. If you must do A,B,C and D, and there’s only time to do three of the four, delegate or ignore the task that you can’t accomplish.
  • Record good memories. When you experience a special moment, capture it on your phone or your journal. Or both.
  • Refuse to be “stressed”. Rather than use the word “stress” when you’re busy or under pressure, use words that will motivate you like “excited” or “energized.”
  • Relax for 5 minutes. No matter how much pressure you feel at work, you’ll get more done if you set work aside five minutes every hour.



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