Self-Love Sunday: 10 Commandments of Self-Love

10 commandments of self love


Our aging brains, bless them, hold more information than what we think they do. They do their own version of “copy and save” but our “retrieval” isn’t always working at its best. Information overload, lack of sleep, lack of coffee… different events, stresses and life in general sometimes keep us from remembering things that, when we remember, we acknowledge with an “of course that’s how it should be “.

We’ve heard all of these commandments before along with many others. Some days they are easy to remember and believe. Other days, it’s like they never existed and it’s a struggle to love ourselves. We make mistakes, we doubt ourselves, we let the inner critic win or listen to others too much who criticize us.

We may even joke about these commandments, affirmations and uplifting quotes or roll our eyes at them.

At times, it’s not always easy to love ourselves or to put ourselves first.

And then one day, we read some self-love commandments, understand how powerful words can be and they help us remember how very much we are worth it.



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