Self-Love Sunday: Create a Self-Care Kit


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Some days just suck. That is a fact of life. And the triggers can be anything. On those days, we have to be prepared to be kind and tender with ourselves. One of the ways we can do that is to create our own self-love kit. Here are a couple of examples.


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Your kit, in whatever form it takes, is done by you, for you. If you need some ideas, Core Health Partners has an article on creating a kit that can contain both physical and virtual items.

Here is a list of what they believe are five essentials for your kit. Enjoy the planning and creating of your own kit knowing it will help you one day when you need some TLC.

1) Things that inspire you – Consider quotes, pictures, videos, or songs that have special meaning for you.

2) Things that make you laugh – These might be cartoons, sayings, pictures, recordings, or videos. Have you seen something hilarious on Facebook or Youtube? Consider saving electronic links in a location where you can access them again!

3) Things that connect you with special people or memories — Think about special cards, notes, or pictures that remind you of the ways you connect or make a difference for those who are special to you. You might even compose a nice note to yourself!

4) Things that make you feel pampered — Items that appeal to your senses are especially good choices for this category. You might keep a small tin of favorite teas. Maybe you’d enjoy a candle or some aromatherapy. Some great lotion for giving yourself a quick hand massage is another possibility. You could have a recording of some soothing music or a guided relaxation or meditation exercise.

5) Things that evoke a sense of gratitude — Include items that remind you of what appreciate or count as blessings in your life. This might be pictures of people. places, or events. It could also be a list that you’ve made, or perhaps a gratitude journal that you keep.


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