Month: February 2016

Self-Love Sunday: It’s OK To Be Grumpy Sometimes


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We all have those days. Maybe it’s because of a fight, a bad night’s sleep or you are not feeling well. You may not know why.

But, you’re grumpy.

And that’s OK according to Professor Joe Forgas, a University of New South Wales researcher.

Professor Forgas did a study that compared people who were in good and bad moods. He found that the grumpy people were “more attentive, careful thinking, paying greater attention to the external world”.

And while the professor may have found some positives in being negative, some days it will just be one of those days and you have to ride it out.

Have a pity party. Try some ways to break your bad mood and if they don’t work, embrace your grumpiness.

Just remember that we all have those days. Show yourself some love and don’t be too hard on yourself.

*Apologies if I’ve already shared this song on another post but it seems to fit the theme today.


I Don’t Want To Have A Nice Day

Greg Brown

I been up, honey, all night long,
It felt right, now it feels wrong.
I just wanna feed my misery,
The  Boston Globe and some black coffee.

I don’t wanna have a nice day,
And I wish that you wouldn’t say
That to me, not that-a-way,
I don’t wanna have a nice day.

I think that somebody unscrewed my head,
I know I look just like an unmade bed.
But y’know when I feel this way,
What it is is a-what I say. And


I can remember a little restaurant, you know,
Somewhere down around Chicago.
She threw that Whopper right in my face,
And then she said, “Have a nice day.” I said,


What d’ya wanna do? Umh!

I wanna weep; I wanna sleep,
I wanna get by cheap.
I wanna creep into the deep,
I wanna fall down in a heap.

I’m gonna do it right on your floor,
If you say that to me just once more.
You’ll have to roll me right out the door,
Yeah, and give me the ol’ what for.

I can remember what the people did,
Way back when I was a little kid.
They didn’t ask you to be always high,
They just said, “thank you” and “goodbye.”


No no no no no nonononono…
Why don’t you have one? Take two, they’re small.
Da da da da da dadadadadada…
Why don’t you have a day like a painting of a kid with big eyes?
Why don’t you have a day like a painting of a puppy with a ribbon ’round
Its neck,
Sun goin down over the sea?
Why don’t you have a day like a painting of a kid with big eyes
Holdin’ a puppy with a ribbon ’round it’s neck’
Standin’ down by the ocean with the sun…
Nonononono, I don’t wanna…..nonononono, I don’t wanna…..nononnonono, I
Don’t wanna,


Self-Love Sunday: Fall In Love With Yourself First


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you love yourself? Have you ever fallen in love with yourself? Or, if being honest, have you thought about falling in love with yourself?

There is the common phrase that to love others we must love ourselves first. But, life is busy for many of us, sometimes overwhelming. And we are putting every one and every thing else first.

It’s time to put yourself first.

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits has written an article about falling in love with yourself where he shares his thoughts in three areas: What is Falling in Love, How to Start and An Ongoing Romance.

He talks in generalized examples about what happens when we fall in love,


  • We meet someone interesting.
  • We get to know them.
  • We appreciate the little things.
  • We start to trust.
  • We get love from them, and return it.

and he then takes you through each of the actions and talks about how to apply each one to falling in love with yourself.

Kassy Scarcia, a life and career empowerment coach, has an article on Huffington Post where she talks about 7 Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself. Her 7 tips are:

  • Make a List of 10 Things You Love About Yourself Everyday
  • Take It a Step Further and Read Your List In Front of a Mirror Each Day
  • Practice Saying No
  • Ask 5 People in Your Life What They Love About You
  • Give Yourself an Act of Self-Love Each Day
  • Make a Self-Love Vision Board
  • Declare Yourself A No Self-Judgment Zone

If you think tip #1 is too hard, refer to my post from last week about saying something positive about yourself which includes a chart of over 150 ways you can wonderfully describe yourself.

I hope these two articles give you some ideas about falling in love with yourself and that you are able to spend this Valentine’s Day how you choose.


Self-Love Sunday: Say Something Positive About Yourself

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No other month celebrates (or tries to cash in on) love like February. There is Valentine’s Day, of course. But there are also a lot of stories, articles and pictures telling and showing us how to find love, to keep love, how to look and act to find love, what we are doing right.

And what we are doing wrong.

It seems to be a quirk of human nature to zero in on the wrongs and let the negative thoughts in our head try to overpower any positive thoughts.

Jasmin Tanjeloff at has an article called Accepting and Loving Ourselves in 10 Simple Steps. She explains that to accept and love ourselves, we have to fill our “love tanks” with love. The more full our “love tanks” are, the more centered, loving, and grounded we feel. The emptier our tanks are, the more overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and sad we feel. The following are her suggestions for filling our “love tanks”.

  1. Validate our feelings, “It’s okay to feel bad sometimes.”
  2. Refrain from judging or placing negativity on our thoughts or feelings.
  3. Give ourselves a little extra comfort and soothing.
  4. Listen to and respect our inner experience.
  5. Reassure ourselves that what we are experiencing will pass.
  6. Remind ourselves of all the wonderful things that we are.
  7. Be grateful for the little (and big) things in our lives.
  8. Take action towards improving elements in our lives that negatively affect us.
  9. Commit to our physical health—cut back on drinking, improve eating habits, and exercise regularly.
  10. Invest in our psychological/emotional/spiritual health.

You have probably seen all of these suggestions before. Number 6 seems to be one that many people have a problem doing. If someone were to ask you right now to say something positive about yourself, could you or would you be at a loss for words?

Here’s some help. Take a look at the words in the image below for a few moments.

What positive things are you able to say about yourself now?


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