Self-Love Sunday: Say Something Positive About Yourself

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No other month celebrates (or tries to cash in on) love like February. There is Valentine’s Day, of course. But there are also a lot of stories, articles and pictures telling and showing us how to find love, to keep love, how to look and act to find love, what we are doing right.

And what we are doing wrong.

It seems to be a quirk of human nature to zero in on the wrongs and let the negative thoughts in our head try to overpower any positive thoughts.

Jasmin Tanjeloff at has an article called Accepting and Loving Ourselves in 10 Simple Steps. She explains that to accept and love ourselves, we have to fill our “love tanks” with love. The more full our “love tanks” are, the more centered, loving, and grounded we feel. The emptier our tanks are, the more overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and sad we feel. The following are her suggestions for filling our “love tanks”.

  1. Validate our feelings, “It’s okay to feel bad sometimes.”
  2. Refrain from judging or placing negativity on our thoughts or feelings.
  3. Give ourselves a little extra comfort and soothing.
  4. Listen to and respect our inner experience.
  5. Reassure ourselves that what we are experiencing will pass.
  6. Remind ourselves of all the wonderful things that we are.
  7. Be grateful for the little (and big) things in our lives.
  8. Take action towards improving elements in our lives that negatively affect us.
  9. Commit to our physical health—cut back on drinking, improve eating habits, and exercise regularly.
  10. Invest in our psychological/emotional/spiritual health.

You have probably seen all of these suggestions before. Number 6 seems to be one that many people have a problem doing. If someone were to ask you right now to say something positive about yourself, could you or would you be at a loss for words?

Here’s some help. Take a look at the words in the image below for a few moments.

What positive things are you able to say about yourself now?


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