Time to Dust Things Off Around Here

(photo by me using Adobe Spark Post)

Hi everyone. Long time, no post. Hope you are all well or as well as possible.

Because I usually scheduled the posts, I haven’t done any since the winter of 2016. I had reached a point where I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. I didn’t post about it but 2015 was an up and down year health-wise. My heart rate decided to be a speed demon with no reason given other than it happens to some and tests didn’t show anything other than I was out of shape.

I was put on medication to put it back to it’s normal rate and I just concentrated on getting my stamina back up to a normal-for-me level. Again, something that is an up and down process when you have a disability. Add to that that I am more disposed to being an introvert so I introverted.

But lately, I’ve been getting the blogging itch. And then I read this post by Jenny Lawson about blogging and starting or restarting your blog if you consider yourself an old-school blogger.

So, here I am, not sure what I’ll say or how often I will say it, but watch this space.

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