Why The Hell Not!

Why The Hell Not!  are  posts  I’m going to do from time to time to remind, not only those of us with chronic illnesses, but for all of us to do something for ourselves.  Something you may not have thought of doing or something you have wanted to do for a long time. Nothing is too silly or frivolous. The time to do something for yourself is now because…why the hell not!

Image via http://dreamauthentics.blogspot.ca/2011/06/modern-life-of-classic-arcade-games.html


The weekend is here, the polar vortex may have made another appearance (really, go home p.v.) and you don’t want to do or think too much. What to do to pass the time. Classic arcade games. You can find a variety of sites such as this one. It’s now a little past 1 am and I just finished playing another game instead of going to bed.

What started this late night game playing trip down memory lane was finding a link to the Doctor Pacman game by maxtervamp on deviantART.

You’re welcome.

Just try and play only one game.

I double dare you.