Why The Hell Not!

Why The Hell Not!  are  posts  I’m going to do from time to time to remind, not only those of us with chronic illnesses, but for all of us to do something for ourselves.  Something you may not have thought of doing or something you have wanted to do for a long time. Nothing is too silly or frivolous. The time to do something for yourself is now because…why the hell not!


disco balls

I found these baby disco balls at my local dollar store where they have only the rarest of items that are actually only $1.00. No, these are not one of those items. I also have no idea why I am so enamoured with them. My guess is it’s only the third week of January and:

  • we’ve had 3 freezing rain storms,
  • a bunch of snow,
  • we’re playing host to the polar vortex again,
  • it’s supposed to go down to -37 C. overnight (that’s the wind chill temperature)
  • we don’t have much wind happening so who knows how far down it would have gone if it was windy,
  • -37 C. is -34 F. for those of you who don’t do Celsius,
  • the “Is It Spring Yet” WordPress widget on the right side of the blog is not counting down the days correctly,
  • drunk Justin Bieber,
  • drunk Rob Ford who also managed to get stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes today on his way to give a speech to The Economic Club of Canada,
  • and just plain, depressing regular news that is happening locally and globally.

Spring is not coming fast enough.

So, once I saw these I knew I had to get them. I’m going to hang these around my room and see how well the balls will disco. If nothing else, I have some Christmas decorations.

It doesn’t matter where you find a bit of joy or how little it cost. If it makes you happy, enjoy it.