Wacky Wednesday – Funny Warning Signs

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Wacky Wednesday

Another Wacky Wednesday is upon us.

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Australia has these beautifully coloured parrots called Lorikeets. As beautiful as they are, at this time of year they are also drunk!

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Did you ever wonder why products need to have “Why do they think they need to tell us that” warnings? This article from Aol.com offers an explanation. And here’s the 2011 finalists in the Wacky Warning Labels.

How can you explain the love  parents have for their children? Rain Price’s parents, Dale and Rochelle, explain in a Yahoo.com article:

“The school bus for the first time ever came down our street this year,” explains Rain’s dad, Dale, to Utah’s Daily Herald. “This was [my son’s] first year on the bus. My wife came running in the room and suggested we go wave at him to embarrass him.”

Yes, by embarrassing your child. While in costume.  Every.  School.  Day.

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And what else do you do? Why, you start a blog called wave at the bus showing each days costumes. Now that is love!

Wacky Wednesday – Random Stuff

Today’s Wacky Wednesday is links to things I found a bit wacky.

There is something for everyone, apparently, on the internet as this link to weird auction listings proves.

There is a web site that sells home-made items called Etsy, which begat the web site Regretsy who, according to their FAQ page, “is the fail blog of hand crafts”. Short on time? Here’s a slide show from Business Insider that highlights some of the, shall we say, more unique offerings from Etsy.

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Do you have a run of the mill bed? Why, when you can have a suspended bed? Check out this post from Babble.com and see a variety of suspended beds.

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I was weirdly mesmerized by this video of Jello that was dropped onto a solid surface. If you like watching flames dancing, you may like Jello moving and grooving.

Wacky Wednesday – Royal Wedding 2011

Prince William will be marrying his love, Kate Middleton, on Friday, April 29th. There are many traditions when someone is getting married. And when one of the main members of England’s royal family (and future king) becomes engaged, the tradition of money-making merchandise wackiness quickly rolls into high gear. Here’s a list of some of the obvious and not-so-obvious merchandise and  souvenirs that can be yours, if the royal wedding spirit is willing and the wallet is able.

The Royal Wedding For Dummies

Or Have Someone On The Inside Tell You How Things Really Are

William and Kate Fridge

Keeping Your Crown Jewels Safe

Is This Wedding Is Making You Sick

I Should Be Marrying William Plate

And The Ring That Should Have Been Yours, Too!

Tea Time With The Family

Tea Not For You?

Of Course There Is A Comic Book

William And Kate Pez Dispenser

And, just in case you haven’t seen the T-Mobile commercial yet…

Wacky Wednesday

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Are you a nerd? Love computers, mobile apps and games? PC World has compiled a  bucket list of 50 geeky things  for you or the nerd you love.

Fortune cookies. Always a source of enlightenment and entertainment in one little piece of paper. And riches if you did what these people did and played the lottery using the numbers found on those little pieces of paper. However, some fortunes just don’t make sense, as you can see in this article from BuzzFeed.

Do you need a distraction for a few minutes? You can play Rock-Paper-Scissors against a computer on The New York Times web site. Your opponent will be a novice or veteran and as the game progresses, you can see how the computer makes it’s choices based on your moves.

Many animals, as a form of protection, use camouflage to hide from predators. Let’s use this stink bug in Singapore as an example. Some people think it looks like Elvis. Others see Bert from Sesame Street. I’ll let you decide who the stink bug looks like and who it’s predator could be.

What do you do if you love show jumping but your family can’t afford a horse? Why, you train a cow, of course.

Hope your Wednesday is not that wacky, and if it is, the weekend is almost here.

Wacky Wednesday – It’s St. Patrick’s Day

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This week’s edition of Wacky Wednesday celebrates St. Paddy’s Day. Here’s some random finds from the internet to help you get in the spirit of Irish things.

Lite 98.7 has a list of some quirky St. Patrick’s Days traditions.

Elizabeth Valeri at  Inventorspot.com has an article on the 10 best inventions for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to find out they involve drinking apparatuses, a couple of sex-related inventions and my favourite day-after-the-night-before invention…the kick your own ass contraption.

Want to send someone a St. Patrick’s Day greeting? Maxine from Hallmark Cards will help you.

Fictional characters want to be Irish.

There’s always St. Patrick’s Day cartoons.

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And there’s always someone who’s dog becomes Irish for St. Patrick’s Day.


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Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day.

(Image from the blog The Shenanigan Files)

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Wacky Wednesday!

WebTabLab has posted 22 weird news stories for January 2011.

Someone got married last year for a few days.  Did you know that the person was…R2-D2?  Read the  bride’s blog at StarWars.com.    Friday the 13, August 2010 was the day the wedding took place.

And, for those who want to hear Darth Vader breathing while the vows are exchanged,  here’s the video of the happy occasion.

And these pictures are from Imgur.

Hope these gave you a chuckle and that you have a great Wednesday.