Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Can you believe it!?!?? Someone has cancelled Valentine’s Day! Who cancels the Day of Love?

But, enough about them. Are you planning on giving someone a Valentine’s Day gift this year? Still not sure what to get them and want some ideas? I searched high and low, just for you, and found an abundance of love waiting to be shared.

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Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the old standby as a gift. This slideshow offers 10 one-of-a-kind chocolate gifts.

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NSFW warning for this link. It is sexy, fun gifts but there are pictures of sex toys you may not want others to see.

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OK, admit it. We are all geeks. Some more than others, but we are all geeky about something or someone. I love the TV show The Big Bang Theory. For those who don’t watch the show, one of the characters needs to have the song “Soft Kitty” sung to him when he is sick. Think Geek, which has a variety of gift ideas for your fave geek, has a soft kitty you can cuddle and listen to the song anytime you are sick or love sick.

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Did you order something and it might not arrive in time. OR did you FORGET! The shame. If you are talented, you could make your own coupons and put them in the card. If you’re not so talented, head here to print some coupons. A blank coupon is included so that you can still be creative and personalize one for your beloved.

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A gift basket with your sweetie’s favourite sweets might work. Especially if sweetie is “Bad to the Bone“.

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There’s giving someone a bottle of scotch and then there’s giving someone a bottle of scotch. This bottle of engraved Johnnie Walker® Blue Label® Scotch is available for delivery in the U.S. only and at posting time is $265.00.

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Why not put your feelings into words. Revisit my post on writing a love letter for some tips.

And if none of these appeal to you, you could do what Gregory J.P. Godek, author of 1001 Ways to be Romantic suggests. Boycott Valentine’s Day and focus on the other 364 days of the year.


Why The Hell Not!

Why The Hell Not!  are  posts  I’m going to do from time to time to remind, not only those of us with chronic illnesses, but for all of us to do something for ourselves.  Something you may not have thought of doing or something you have wanted to do for a long time. Nothing is too silly or frivolous. The time to do something for yourself is now because…why the hell not!

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If you would like to give a special gift this holiday season, write a love letter. If you’re not sure how to write one or have trouble putting your feelings into words, The Art of Manliness has tips that anyone use. As they explain in their post:

…letters have special properties that no modern form of communication can duplicate. It’s something tangible that we touch and hold and then pass to another to touch and hold. And they are preserved and cherished in a way that text messages or email never will be. not only has guidelines for writing a letter but also has a variety of love letters if you need some inspiration. And, if you are a poet, you could add your own poem as part of the letter or you can choose one from Best Poems Encyclopedia.

Happy writing!