About me and my new life

Hi, my name is Maureen and I decided to learn how to not only blog, but to put into words how it feels living with an invisible chronic illness.

I’ll be trying to organize my thoughts and feelings, maybe do a bit of venting and add some things to lighten my mood and hopefully those who come and visit.  I’ve never been one to write in a journal.  I have always let the thoughts form in my mind and sometimes come out in conversation.  The prospect of writing is both exciting and scary to me as I’ve never been called  a writer so please forgive the learning curve that will be happening.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you are here because you have an invisible  chronic illness, know that you’re not alone.

Here’s my short story about myself.

I caught the flu years ago and just didn’t get better.  It was 5 (yes, that’s five) years of doctors not knowing what was going on as I had a lot of general symptoms.  I was finally diagnosed with having something wrong with my ears that causes balance issues.  No actual disease, just told that a lot more people have this problem and to “try and find a quality of life”.

Well, I was lucky to get on disability and I spent the first two years coasting along, playing a lot on the internet and enjoying a lower stress level in some areas of my life.

Now, I’m on a mission to embrace the new me, to start getting better informed and be inspired by visiting the different websites of people who are living with chronic illness and to just start reading up on the subject.

17 Replies to “About me and my new life”

  1. Hey Maureen,
    I really enjoyed discovering your blog and your great links. I think you’re doing a great job articulating what it’s like to deal with chronic illness. Every post helps us all.
    I’m linking your blog to mine, if you don’t mind.
    Enjoy your Caturday!
    kind regards,


    1. Isn’t brain fog just…something. Feel free to insert whatever words or phrases you want. My words change on a regular basis when describing it.

      Looking forward to seeing you visit.



  2. Nice to meet you Maureen, thanks for commenting on my blog and inserting a little ray of sunshine in my rant, you made me laugh. I love that 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog 🙂


  3. Good to find you! Loved your letter to your body written in the third person. Must be such a downer with inner ear imbalance—if I get carsick soon I’ll think of you. I’ve only had a bit of CFS for decades. I loathe the word chronic fatigue. I’ve not written or blogged about it, since it’s so elusive. In Europe the call it ME and recognize it as real.
    But I digress. Greetings from Alaska! Do you have that doohickey to sign up for email notification when you’ve posted? I’ll go look for that.


    1. Hi Jan,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The ear issues are a big downer sometimes but it gets balanced out (pun intended) with the little, happy moments, learning how to deal with everything (an ongoing process) and reading other blogs. There’s nothing like reading about other people who are experiencing the same things.

      If you have not found it yet, the email doohickey that you’re looking for is at the bottom of each post, right underneath the area to post a comment.



  4. Hi Maureen and welcome,
    I’m a friend of Phylor of Phylor’s Blog and I thought this was my Maureen (Mo)’s third blog so now I am not as confused. Like your blog, keep it up. You wrote on my blog too, this is all fun and one happy (albeit tired and achey) family!! Laurie. hibernationnow.wordpress.com


  5. I’m surprised I’ve never said hello to you on your about page before…and don’t think I’ve ever read it….if so you changed it, because I haven’t read this. : )
    Embrace your life my dear! I think you do!
    you are amazing! and you are a writer…you write, people read and are inspired to find out more…that not only makes you a writer, that makes you a teacher.

    I’m glad I found you…and can now call you friend.
    or maybe you found me?


    1. Oh, you’re making me blush. I don’t think I’ve changed anything for a long time. It’s pretty much what I originally wrote. I think. lol. You did favourite the page at some point so who knows.

      I’m glad I found you, too. You and so many others have been such great teachers. And there are no words to describe how I no longer feel alone.


  6. Thanks for posting quotes that always seem to reflect my state of mind. I don’t always leave a like or comment, but know I think of you and hope that things are okay.


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