I Needed To Do A Haiku

(Image via someecards.com)

It is rare that I write a poem. It happens, seriously, about five years or so. But, when I do, it’s because I get this mental itch that has to be scratched using pen and paper. These last couple of days, I needed to write a haiku. I wrote a few different ones and decided to share this one about Groundhog Day.

(Image via cartoonstock.com)

Groundhog Day is done.

Shadows seen and not seen. Meh.

Dart board works as well.


Wacky Wednesday

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Wacky Wednesday!

WebTabLab has posted 22 weird news stories for January 2011.

Someone got married last year for a few days.  Did you know that the person was…R2-D2?  Read the  bride’s blog at StarWars.com.    Friday the 13, August 2010 was the day the wedding took place.

And, for those who want to hear Darth Vader breathing while the vows are exchanged,  here’s the video of the happy occasion.

And these pictures are from Imgur.

Hope these gave you a chuckle and that you have a great Wednesday.